Dr. Arielle Leitner

Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Mathematics
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology Haifa, Israel
Office: Amado 808
Email: eleitner ''at'' tx.technion.ac.il

Application Materials:
CV Research Statement, Teaching Philosophy

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Technion. My research concerns the interplay between low dimensional topology, geometry, dynamics, and algebra. Specifically, I am interested in geometric transitions of certain subgroups of matrix lie groups, dynamics and compactifications of boundaries of symmetric spaces and buildings, convex projective structures, and Dessin d'Enfants.


  • ``Chabauty Limits of Subgroups in SL(n, Q_p)." Joint with C. Ciobotaru. Submitted
  • ``Generalized Cusps on Convex Projective Manifolds: Classification" submitted, Joint with S. Ballas and D. Cooper.
  • `` Almost Regular Dessins d'Enfants on a Torus and a Sphere" submitted, Joint with J. Koenig and D. Neftin.
  • `` A Classification of subgroups of SL(4,R) Isomorphic to R^3 and Generalized Cusps in Projective 3 Manifolds'' Topology and its Applications 206, (2016), 241-254
  • `` Limits Under Conjugacy of the Diagonal Subgroup in SL(n,R) '' Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 144 (2016) 3243-3254.
  • `` Conjugacy Limits of the Cartan Subgroup in SL(3,R)'' Geom Dedicata (2016) 180: 135.
  • ``Universal Cycles of Restricted Classes of Words '' (with Anant Godbole) Discrete Math. 310 (2010), no. 23.
  • In Preparation- Preprints may be available upon request

  • Deformations of Generalized Cusps. Joint with Sam Ballas and Daryl Cooper
  • Chabauty Limits of Groups acting on Buildings. Joint with Corina Ciobotaru
  • Education:

    California State Univeristy, Chico
    Chico, CA
    BS in Mathematics

    University of California, Santa Barbara
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Masters in Mathematics
    PhD and Certificate in College and University Teaching (CCUT)
    Adviser: Daryl Cooper .

    Arielle Leitner
    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Technion, Israel Institute of Technology